Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Down, Two to Go

Well, since the first day of spring here turned out to be snowing and freezing and since we are still waiting for that March Lamb, it seems only fitting that I should be getting crafty with that felted wool sweater again.  I found this pattern  a few weeks ago and figured I'd never actually get around to doing these for Easter.  But, for some reason I felt inspired yesterday and cut out the felt pieces.  Seemed like, once that was done, there was no excuse not to go ahead and get started.  I chose buttons from the (ahem) "borrowed" Nana Jean stash for the eyes.  

And, for a nice Eastery effect, decided to stitch them up with colored floss.  I think that will look very cute in the Easter basket, but don't look too close because it definitely made it harder to disguise the fact that I am a rather "that'll do" type of sewer!  No perfectionism around here!

Ellerie's turned out so sweet, but her nose is sort of smallish and weird.  Makes her look more like a poodle than a lamb.  Overall though, I am happy with it and excited to see how the kids react.   There is a great deal of joy found in making something with your own hands to give away (more of that to come) and I am looking forward to at least SOME of the plans I have actually coming to fruition. But one thing at a time.  Two days, two to go.  No problem.

Happy Easter!


beemahoney said...

I LOVE those lambs!

lsfinger said...

These are so cute! I love that you are making the kids these little guys!

Blue Yonder said...

they are so sweet!!!