Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween May Commence

So, Cal was feeling a bit more cooperative on Monday. Isn't he awesome? I mean, I don't care so much what he thinks. I'M proud of this costume.

The sweater vest is just a luck thrift from Salvation Army. I made the little felt patch to help out anyone (small children for one) who might not know what an old fashioned golfer would look like. The hat pattern I found from this, aptly named, Clever Girl. It turned out a tad big for even my guy's head, ahem, so I just added a piece of elastic in the back to hold it tight, rather than fuss with pulling out seams, etc. As cute as I think the hat is, I doubt he'll chose to wear it for "regular life."

And so, the carving began.

With a lot of fun

and silliness.

And a request for polka dots, cuz that's how my girl rolls.

Spooktacular ;-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Customer is NOT Always Right

Halloween Costume Customer #3 was not feeling cooperative yesterday.
He was, in fact, rather rude and unappreciative of his Mama's efforts because HIS agenda was to carve pumpkins in the afternoon, not wait for Mama to sew HIS costume.

As I could only get him to even try on what he did with threats and listening to much protesting, this is the only current glimpse I can give you of his clever getup.

He did apologize after a whole lot of unnecessary drama and nonsense, and I do think he meant it.

But nobody carved pumpkins.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Hectic Friday Thought

It isn't a problem of expectations.
Mine are very low.
I don't EXPECT to get much done every day and I generally don't.
The problem is that the amount of things that need to be done just to maintain an environment of even minimal cleanliness and sanity is beyond me.
That is the bottom line.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Checker King

Customer #2 is strutting his stuff.

He seems pleased.

Or, you know, crazy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pink Tinkerbell

The first customer at my Halloween Costume Shoppe appears to be satisfied.

Ellerie recently discovered Disney Fairies and is in love with Tinkerbell. I admit that if it was a toss up between Fairies and Princesses, I'll take the Fairies any day. She, of course, wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, but when I pointed out that Tink wears green, not pink, Elle hedged.

No worries, she would be a PINK Tinkerbell. I love her determination to be both Tink and wear her beloved favorite color. And I love that I got to make a fairy costume.

I used Hillary Lang's instructions for her version at Wee Wonderfuls, all of which were easy and clear, except the waistband. I am still certain that mine is nothing like hers, but it worked and stays together when Pink Tink is twirling which is hugely important! The only thing I purposely changed was attaching the wings with snaps rather than sewing them on. I KNOW I'm going to need to wash this thing at some point....

But, I must admit, the crown is my favorite and all my own doing. It was inspired by this crown I found on Etsy and the grown up versions found at this Etsy site (OH MY!). And, I've made crowns before (1, 2, 3) so the format was easy and I just got to play.

Now I want one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One For the Calendar

I never said I don't bake.

I do.

You know, a couple times a year. ;-)

Apple pie in a cheddar crust? Totally worth one for the calendar.

Note: This is the recipe I used, but I cooked it according to these directions from a very similar recipe, because I did a traditional pie rather than a deep dish. Just in case I made you hungry....

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Road to a Friend is Never Long...

...but sometimes the road to recovery is.

I spent my weekend trying to take care of my ear and ending up in urgent care with a prescription for antibiotic ear drops to add to my arsenal for ridding myself of the infection that my stubbornness allowed to get as bad as it did in the first place. (Wow. That was some ridiculous sentence.) I won't tell you how expensive those drops were, but let's just say they they could be described as liquid gold. I don't want to to complain though. They're working and I can finally hear something out of that ear.

Before I found ear relief, I took a little road trip to see a friend. A beautiful day and a lovely distraction to my discomfort. My best girl lives over an hour away. I must say it is too far (a thought concurred by my children on the ride home as I was told several times that they wished they could live with them), but it is an incredible drive no matter what the season and fall in particular is stunning. I know in another week it will be even more spectacular, but even in it's autumn beginnings, the view was breathtaking. There were so many places I wanted to stop right in the middle of the road and take a picture right there. As it is, I did not take many. I wish I had some of the grape vines along all the roadside vineyards and more of the lake and the quaint homes and shops, but there'll be a next time. The road down into her little valley is long and winding, flanked with narrow shoulders and rushed along in most places with a 55 speed limit. More than once, I pulled over only to have a large truck blow by me close enough to shake the van. And the pics I got do not do the beauty justice, but I shall share them anyway.

Tate corrected me the other day, on the way to Ellerie's school, when I said one of the trees looked like it was on fire it was so beautiful. "Not on fire," he said, "like fireworks that exploded into all the colors." There's a poet in that boy, no? And he's right.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


1. Quilt top #3 is done. It's purdy. But my house is a wreck. Hey, I've got my priorities.

2. But literally my house is out of control. The two little ones go room to room in the mornings dumping and destroying. They call it playing, but I know better. I can't keep up right now. (see #3)

3. I'm exhausted. Apparently, I have a raging ear infection in my right ear from that fabulous cold I told you all about. Both ears have been plugged pretty much since that post but, even as I felt the right one getting worse and worse, I was determined that I could just kick it without an expensive doctor's visit and meds. Determined, that is until this morning when I woke feeling terribly nauseous from the ick running down the back of my throat and my right ear felt a bit like it was trying to give birth to something. This whole (potentially useful) morning was used up at the doctor's and the pharmacy.

4. The other day I came home to about 30 crows on my front lawn. It was creepy- like "The Birds" - and it sort of made me want to watch it again.

5. It is 66 degrees in my house right now and I refuse to turn the heat on yet. (Is anyone noticing a slight stubborn streak here?) Not sure if that makes me optimistic or delusional or maybe just stingy, but I'm holding out. We've got to get some sun around here to warm us up sooner or later. I hope.

6. Ellerie calls R2D2 "Arty-Dooty." And I thought flingingo was cute. T- if I manage to get it recorded somehow I will send it to you.

7. I still have not received any work from work. SIGH. Too bad about the medical bills this month: Ellie, Mike and now me. Nobody else better get sick until November. Make that January if they want Christmas. Just sayin'. Santa's broke.

8. I'm tired. Did I mention that? I want to stop running around but there is preschool and church and the calendar is filling up. "The List" is ever growing and the dishes and laundry will not STOP. "Winter clothes"-what's up? They take up so much more room in the washer....

9. Calvin looks both ways even after the bus driver gives him the okay to cross. I like that. And he finally knows our home phone #.

10. Tate has to leave for school in a few.

The end.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Grateful Friday (of sewing, family and friendships online and off))

Feeling thankful today for:

Melissa and her beautiful daughter Annabelle who thought to send my girl some fabulous dolls that Miss A had sort of outgrown just because they thought Ellie would like them. I don't care if I've never actually met her. That's a friend, indeed.

My mom who is both encouraging and practical. Missed you this week Mama, glad you are feeling better.

Dana for her encouragement and advice about quilting and for her friendship. Virginia Beach 2012 (or so) here we come! ;-)

Quilt top #2 is DONE and DONE. I like it even better than the first one.

Scraps and a girl with an imagination.

The prospect of piecing quilt #3 and a fabulous best friend (sister really) with a little girl to give it to.

This little chunk-a-monk and the fact that (at least for now) his daddy doesn't have to worry about his job and I don't have to worry about them moving away.

For all the other gals that comment here and banter back and forth with me. You guys are awesome. Stick around, wouldja?