Thursday, September 29, 2011

Murphy's Law or Something Like It

To keep me humble, God has followed my "my hair looks awesome post" with 4 days of extreme humidity and gloomy rain deluges. Instead of sleek and chic, I am back to "my hair just does it's own thing" only I can't be rescued with an elastic band. The dreariness also explains the following photos, not taken at night. I've been putting together a birthday present for a friend of Tate's down the street. He is awesomely into super heros and I found the perfect fabric at my favorite place, the thrift store, put it with some in-my-stash denim and some cool art supplies and voila!

tote bag

filled with dry erase board and crayons, blank comic books (also found a cool version here)

and a colored pencil roll

Apparently, heading back toward a state of chaos is the norm for all things around here, not just my hair. After just one sewing project, my sewing room looks like a junk room again. Seriously, me and my (only sometimes) creative messes. I have been trying to remedy my natural tendency for disarray, by arranging an "office" space in my living room. So far, so good. Bulletin board for school lunch menu and the kids' schedules. Hanging clip boards for each of our important papers, forms to sign, spelling words of the week, etc. And two flat surfaces for me to inevitably clutter up to the point of what I am starting to think is our "natural state."

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This was a weird week. Mike was off, but the kids all had school. We had two meet the teacher nights for the boys and started up regular preschool days for baby girl. I tried to create an "office" in the middle of my living room (more on that later) and Mike dug several more tree roots out of our fence line.. a huge relief even if the fence is still a mess. I got almost nothing done that I wanted to and even less than I should for the basics. BUT I did get new glasses and a new haircut. I am not one for posting pics of myself, as I almost always hate them, but I didn't do a birthday picture this year and I

may never look this good


For reals. LOVE IT. I feel like I've lost ten pounds (no, seriously, my hair is that heavy) and like I no longer have wadded up college hair or wadded up new mom hair. Now the question is, how good will the girl who only likes to pay for a haircut 2 or 3 times a year when she is feeling really gross and desperate be about maintaining an actual hairstyle. :-)

Monday, September 12, 2011


The third quilt in the Judy, Jill and Jean quilts is finished! Pretty much like #1 and #2, only edged and bound with more blues and greens.

The back is part of a thrifted IKEA duvet cover decorated, of course, with the paper doll fabric and some more vintage family pieces. The duvet had a few little holes, so no longer a happy cover, but the perfect back to a quilt if I do say so. I am excited to have more of that fabric lying around. I have never really been a fan of hearts on things, but clearly doodle hearts are a different story.

Now, we'll just have to paint that bunk bed for The Bird. Considering it took me over two years to make the quilts, lets just not hold our breath or anything, k?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome Fall

August was fast and often furious. My children left wreckage in my house and yard and some in my parenting soul. Truthfully, there was fighting. And yelling. And tears and mean words. And I'd be lying if I said it was just the kids. The end of summer brought my temper to a rolling boil after weeks of simmering over sassy mouths and quick fists. I am OVER vacation. I bought an alarm clock and a new vacuum and I am ready for Fall. But lest I throw our proverbial baby out with its bathwater, August had it's happy, happy too...

It was hotdogs in the back yard.

Baseball with Nana and Papa

with fireworks for dessert.

It was the county fair with Grandma and Grandpa.

It was making new friends

and chilling with ones established.

And some just hanging around.

Now the pool is down and evening comes a little quicker. The weather, after a horribly sticky last hurrah, has turned suddenly cool and dreary. I am another year older according to the weekend's calendar, though I have to stop and think to say how old that is. The boys start school tomorrow. I alternate between making lists, breathing deeply and giddy excitement over us all getting some much needed space. I'm glad it's cool. I'm glad for new sneakers and jeans. For new routine and new focus.

Hello Autumn, good to see you.