Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Surprise

This Monday before Christmas is holding a surprising emotion for me: I feel good about Christmas.

I still have things to do. I am still worried about money. I am still stressed about keeping up with the house and kids, but I feel good about Christmas. I feel good about the presents that we chose for the kids and the amount that we chose. I feel good about the things I am making. I feel good about this season of family. Last night, when we were reading some books, we got talking about what is the best part of Christmas. Do you know what my boys said? According to Cal it is everyone being together and Tate was certain it is because it is Jesus' birthday and I don't care if they were just trying to give me the "right answer." Somewhere it is sinking in that Christmas isn't just about getting STUFF, it's about family and sharing and joy and thanksgiving and celebration and LOVE. God's love, our love for each other, love for others and this planet.

So yes, Santa will visit and the kids will get STUFF (and this will probably give me more joy than it gives them), but Aunt Laurie and Doug will also visit. And Nana and Papa and the Great Grandmas. And we will visit Grandma and Grandpa and all the other aunts and uncles and cousins. And there will be lots of sharing and laughing and loving.

So to all my blogging friends, I wish you a blessed Christmas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

*The ornaments pictured are the new ones for the kids this year. As is our tradition, they commemorate something that reminds us of this past year in one way or another. This year we are remembering our first true family vacation.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sleeping with the Sheep

Here is my little shepherd. We weren't sure he was going to get up there, but he did. Even managed a few bits of songs and some motions, although I have several minutes of shepherd video where at least 4 of them are just standing there doing there own thing while you can hear all the little angels (girls) singing away!

Oh, Pip. We're proud of you anyway... even if your motivation was telling Ellie-Belle that she couldn't sing with you because it was YOUR program.

It was.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I've got Time

Teacher knitting is done. Well, I'm thinking positively here, as you can see from the long tails hanging from each of them that I have yet to weave in the ends and attach buttons. But that shouldn't take long. Right? I mean, I've got more than a week left and only a couple more things to knit and a few things I wanted to sew. Should be no problem.

No problem if I can figure out a way to stop doing laundry and feeding my kids. Hmmmm....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Feels Like the First Time

It happens around here EVERY winter. All winter. For WAY too long into what most of us would consider the spring. And by THAT time we are all sick to death of its cold, sloppy, shovel and snow brush inducing ways. By that time, we are tired of hats and boots and buckling children with big poofy coats into car seats. By that time we are sick of all the dirty white piles and the hunks of ice clinging to our tires. By that time we are longing for a warmth that isn't induced by fleece or flannel.

Still, the first few snowfalls are always magical. Going to bed with a muddy mess for a yard and waking to a winter wonderland just never ceases to be just a little bit exciting and inspiring.

Even for an "I hate being cold" gal like me.

And the kids? Well, the bus was 30 minutes late and Cal wasn't a bit phased between cleaning off the car with his gloves, making hearts in the snow with his feet and attempting a snowball fight with the girl across the road.

Foreigner, I know just what you mean.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programing

I am telling you, the last couple weeks have been ridiculous. Doctor appointments for each one of us for different reasons, ear infections, fevers, pneumonia scares, attempts to sneak in belated birthday celebrations, too many missed days of school and church, way too much tv for the kids, WAY WAY too many bloody noses, inoculations, and one almost knocked out tooth. I am SO ready to get back to regular life and to enjoy the rest of the advent season.

Money is tight, but there will still be (a lot of practical) presents under the tree. Can everyone say sheets and socks and underwear? And the blessings and miracles of Christmas are plenty no matter what.

The first of which is Birdie actually letting me put ponies in her hair!!! There were some protests, as usual, but I managed to convince her that dancers all wear their hair back. Everything is about dancing these days, be it "ballerina moves" or "shake-a-booty moves."

Another recent blessing comes to us via Nana and Papa, who generously donated some outside lights to our cause. The kids have been asking for, oh I don't know, three years (?) to have outside lights at Christmas. Thank you! We love them.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas season, wherever it finds you.