Friday, December 28, 2012

In Summary....

 I have written some amazing posts in my head in the last two months.  Funny posts. One about how taking something out of my storage dish cupboard is rather like a daily game of Jenga and one about how depressing it is to suddenly have knees that sound like Rice Krispies when you attempt even the mildest of exercises.  There were others.  And, I know I have lamented about this before, but apparently they only make it on the blog if I actually sit down and type them out.  I think we need an app for that: telepathic posting.  

In other news, Tate had a birthday with a well thought out wish:

I occasionally amused myself online with Dogshaming and Craft Fail.

Did too much Christmas shopping.  Helped with the second grade Gingerbread House Decorating Day.
Nailed it!

Made three dolly diaper bags with diapers, bibs and wipes for my Sister-in-law's Christmas gift for her nieces.

Became increasingly unsure as to whether my current hair color is even remotely flattering. BLECH.  The roots don't help, do they? ;-)

Celebrated Christmas at Nana and Papa's

And at home:

And now we are in vacation mode.  Playing with our Christmas gifts and in the snow (we've got plenty) and hanging out in the computer with a cat on my lap and one trying to find a spot.  Life is, indeed, pretty good.

My guess is, I'll continue to be scarce around here, though I may do more visiting than posting.  After Christmas I am starting a part time job, a bit of providence for my little family.  Only 4 half days a week and I can still put the kiddos on the bus in the mornings.  The crafty business dream has been shelved, for now, but joyfully traded for a consistent schedule and paycheck.  Right now I am savoring my few days left without a schedule and a chance to hunker down under a blanket and read or watch an old movie.  

I hope, wherever you are, that you are feeling just as blessed and cozy as I do right now.  
Merry Post-Christmas and Happy New Year!