Monday, February 25, 2008

(Not Quite) Wedding Shoes

My model was rather uncooperative today.  Maybe she didn't like the shoes.  I think they turned out rather cute and cozy, but decidedly NOT wedding shoe material.  I made them from a felted wool sweater that was too short on me and its large, itchy turtleneck had banished it to a storage trunk.  The soles are some suede-like decorator fabric that I bought a scrap of a couple years ago to repair Calvin's beloved bear.  It has worked fabulously for nicely grippy shoe bottoms.  I found the pattern awhile ago here.

The gorgeous vintage buttons are from Nana Jean's stash and they do add a bit of something to the otherwise very moccasin-like shoes.  I think she will get some lovely foot-toasting wear out of them before warm weather, but pairing them with a frilly, silk dress looks sort of like wearing Uggs with an evening gown.  So my efforts are not entirely in vain, but I will likely end up with some cheap, "made in China" Target-wear (more to follow) as I am running out of time and it is the only place I can shop with all three of them stuffed into a cart.  

She does, apparently, like the buttons.

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megan said...

Love the shoes - and buttons! - have been blessed with a ton of buttons from my foremothers as well *