Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

Michael took these pictures Saturday at his parents' house.  The boys colored real eggs and had an egg hunt for chocolate and money treasures.  I didn't take any pictures this weekend, which isn't really like me, but I had a difficult weekend for a number of reasons and appreciate Mike stepping in to pick up my slack.  

Speaking of slack, never finished those lambkins either.  That's what I get for saying "no problem."  SIGH.  Managed two out of three, but Calvin's is still in pieces waiting for his first stitch.  The cold and snow (YES, snow) here today is making me extremely unmotivated too. And a GIANT pile of stuff for work awaits that must be done this week, likely tabling too much creative time.  This week may be some already taken photos and blurbs about gifting.  Boy, I need those daffodils again!

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