Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Poor, poor Little Bird.  I didn't MEAN to scare her.  Yesterday I thought I would mess around with my (newly reddish) mop of hair in an attempt to feel remotely beautiful for the wedding this weekend.  I wasn't too worried about my appearance until it recently occurred to me that I would have to be in pictures!  Well, what's a girl to do to spruce herself up a bit?  Really, I'm not sure.  But I tried hot rollers.  Now, nobody but marilyn monroe can pull off hot rollers and look gorgeous.  Tate promptly informed me that I looked like a NANA.  But poor Ellerie.  She did not like me in them AT ALL.

Every time she looked at me, she would break out in sobs.  If I asked her "Don't you like my rollers?  It's still Mama!"  she would cry even harder.

Occasionally, between the terrified wailing, she would cover her face then peek at me to see if the horrific rollers were still attached to my head.  

But, after I picked her up, she calmed right down.  She even touched them after a few minutes.

Poor Elliebird.  Your mean old mama scared you and then took pictures of you while you cried. But I love that when I held you, you clung to me and knew me.  That is beautiful no matter who's looking.


<---That Girl said...

This was precious! That last picture of her covering her eyes, that's a treasure! What a funny story! What a neat blog! How can it be...such a great blog and hardly a comment - well That's just got to change!

beemahoney said...

oh Liss! her face! I love her little mouth in the second shot - she looks just like you -

lsfinger said...

I love the pictures of Ellerie in this blog...so precious!