Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Brunch

Well, another Saturday without Daddy.  SIGH.  Will that house EVER be finished?  Both of the Nanas and Papas are on their way today to help in various ways, so the kids are killing time cooking themselves a fabulous spread.  I am highly suspicious of the fact that Ellerie ended up "cooking" and the boys eating..... truly some kind of natural inclination! (Just not for me).  I sort of hate this little kitchen in all of its plastICKY glory.  I make myself feel better because it is a hand-me-down from my sister's kids, who are now teenagers.  I tell myself that it was made when Fisher-Price was still manufacturing locally, although, in truth, I doubt it.  And remind myself that we are prolonging its life and saving it from a landfill.  Still, Plastic just seems to get so nasty with age.  I have been drooling over all the beautifully simple, wooden kitchens out there since Calvin was born.  Like the ones here and here.  But the cost never seems justifiable when we have one already.  And then I think we should just make one.  Can't be THAT hard with the right tools, which my daddy would certainly have.  Yes!  Let's do that, with all of our EXTRA time! hahaha!  Well, who knows? Maybe Miss Elliebird will get herself a beautiful kitchen one of these days.
Funny, but the kids don't seem to notice the difference. 

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beemahoney said...

"alright boys, what'il it be" (that's the little lady talking)