Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh, Hello There

We're still here. I'm just not, you know, HERE.

We've been doing a lot of this:

And a little of this:

And they've been doing a whole lot of Pokemon card trading (but not always this nicely):

And then more baseball, but this time watching the (almost) big leagues:

And, you guessed it, more baseball:

The kids finished school yesterday.... YAY!
They were already fighting today before friends came over.... booo....
And the only reason I am sitting here right now is because Cal got rained out tonight.
Ah, summertime. Thank you for finally arriving and bringing baseball and friends and swimming and no more school and frozen treats and pajamas at 10 am. I will try very hard to just enjoy you and your mostly unscheduled ways.

Right after VBS ;-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Things have been happening around here, but I don't write. I don't even have time to type this now but days are speeding by and no matter where I put my energy I feel like I am missing something. T-ball and baseball have started, neighborhood playdates and cookouts have started, outdoor projects are being worked on and piling up. Laundry and dishes continue to rule my days. It is the end of the fiscal year at my "job" and the final two weeks before VBS at my church where I help serve on the directors team. I have tried to start, in an attempt to stop feeling SADLY out of shape and to avoid having to buy a whole new size of clothing for my bum to fit in, working out again. It's good, but hard and one more thing in my day.

Last weekend I was at the craft store buying some VBS supplies. I had a cute little blonde teenage checkout girl. She said "I like your t-shirt," with a perky smile. She was notably lacking in smile lines and wrinkles. "Thank you," I smiled back. Well that was nice. I was already feeling pretty hip for painting my toenails a flashy purple earlier in the week. (I won't mention that mostly I just felt hip for ACTUALLY painting my toenails. ahem.)

"Yeah," she added, " that 'Life is Good' stuff is like all my mom wears."

And there it is.