Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recent Gift Sewing: Part 1

In recent years, I have often found gift giving financially discouraging.  Not because I don't like to give gifts, but because I LOVE giving gifts and LOVE finding just the right thing for someone to bring them joy.  When my bank account doesn't cooperate with the occasion, I end up feeling depressed about what selection I am left with or don't give anything at all.  I have to say that pulling my rusty sewing skills out of the closet has made for a huge change in all that.  Not only is it fun to choose just the right project and fabric and function, but I truly enjoy giving something that I've made, even when it is imperfect.  And, I don't have to leave the house with all the kids to go around shopping, an added and much appreciated bonus!  Recently, I have had a few occasions to be sewing for gift giving and today's post is the first of these projects.  

This spring my good friend, Angela, graduated from dental hygiene school.  Today she is taking her boards exam and since I am already thinking of and praying for her this morning, I thought it appropriate to post a pic of her graduation gift.  I asked her awhile ago to bring me a picture that her son had drawn and she was very excited, waiting for just the right one, as she thought I was making a bag.  I hope the clothespin apron doesn't disappoint her:

I was a little nervous about the picture she brought me, I must admit.  Her son drew this FABULOUS rainbow flower, but I was not certain I would be able to capture the scribbly spirit of it with my limited embroidery skills.  Cal's drawings tend to be simple and controlled, so have been easier to reproduce.  I am happy to say though, that I am really pleased at how it turned out and think Angela will be too.   

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