Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Survived Chuck E. Cheese's

Is there anyone who reads this blog that makes t-shirts? I could seriously use one that says "I survived Chuck E. Cheese's!" That place is nuts. It has all the creepiness and sensory overload of a summer carnival....without the fun of it ACTUALLY being a carnival. Grease and sugar filled children running frantically from game to game, slapping buttons, pulling levers, turning wheels, half the time without even putting in a token. Tate could not focus on ANYTHING. All I could think was "Forget the hours you've let him rot his brain in front of the television, this one trip to Chuck E. Cheese is going to send him over the edge of ADD." A man was sleeping on a booth with his head tipped back and mouth open ever so slightly. I am not sure I prefer to think he was there WITH his children or without them. Either way seems SO wrong. Parents and children were crowded around the plexiglass cases of cheap junk prizes with their ticket winnings, pointing at prizes and making choices like they were at Tiffany's. I wasn't sure if it was more disturbing that a place like this exists or that it is perpetuated by greedy little children and pushy parents. I saw a little girl climbing up the skee ball aisle to drop the balls in the bigger numbers to get more tickets. Really? Instead of paying a token to play a GAME, just using it to get more tickets to go buy crummy little toys? Go to the dollar store. I was exhausted when we got home more than an hour after the boys' usual bedtime. I am glad that is done and I am just hoping I don't have to do that again any time soon. I was miserable. Oh, and the boys loved it. Of course.

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Patty Thomas said...

I'm cracking up!!! I've had the same icky feelings when there. I watch the bathroom doors like a hawk to make sure no weirdos take a kid in. The last time we were there for a birthday party I watched a little girl pee, yes, pee in the monster truck ride that multiple children can ride in at once. Then, in amazement, I stood there and watched the parents whip her out of the car and head back to the table. No cleaning up, no telling the staff that the monster truck needs to be cleaned out, nothing. I was grossed out!!!