Friday, July 18, 2008

There Is No Picture For This Post

Today is my ten year anniversary.  We aren't doing anything fancy or expensive, just a nice dinner out without the kids.  (Thank you A & A)  Mike and I have spent 10 years driving each other nuts, making each other laugh and balancing each other out.  I couldn't ask for a better partnership.  I've always thought we have a nice combination of things in common and things that either compliment the other or that we get to have all to ourselves.  But in searching for a picture for this post, of the two of us together, it became apparent to me that our common distaste for having our pictures taken has caused us to never appear together in a picture that doesn't have children in it or wasn't forced by his mother in front of the Christmas tree.  I could not find a single one from the last 5 years (since we've gone digital).  Not. A. Single. One.  I'm not talking about no GOOD ones, I mean there just weren't any.  I am thinking this is a bit of a problem.  Possibly, I will have to try to convince him that we should take some tonight.  Just to prove that we are actually still together; in case someday the grandkids wonder.


Artfulife said...

Happy anniversary! How wonderful to have ten years under your belts. Hope you and your little family have a wonderful time celebrating the beauty of marriage & family together.

Anonymous said...

I actually came specifically to wish you a happy anniversary, but now I feel challenged! The more I think about it, the more I realize I probably don't have a photo of you two from the last five years either, but now I'm determined to go back and find out when the last one was... Anyway, happy anniversary, and maybe you can live it up and watch your wedding video for the first time ;o)

beemahoney said...

wheewhooo! 10 years! glad you got out without the kiddies - I know that time is sparse for you!