Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gift Sewing

Well, I sewed today.  At the expense of everything else in the house (except maybe laundry), I sewed.  I needed to finish up some tote bags for Calvin's teachers, as he is graduating from preschool (GULP) on Wednesday.  These are what I ended up with:

The basic idea for the bag with the short strap closure comes from Bend the Rules Sewing.   But I didn't really use any actual pattern.  the embroidered pockets on the outside were just a way to make them interesting and a way for Cal to contribute to the project.  We started yesterday with two simple drawings of his.  You'll notice, if you look at them together, that both bags got an equal number of flowers, tree, cloud, because that is the kind of kid he is.

After he was finished with each drawing, I taped it to the window and laid the fabric over it to trace with a fabric pencil.  Cal chose the colors and I embroidered (rather clumsily, so like all of my projects: don't look too close) over his lines.

I have to say, I will be doing a gazillion of these kinds of things for gifts from now on!  Cal had so much fun watching his picture transform and it adds something so personal.  I already have plans all over the place..... pillows, apron pockets, bath mats, place mats.... oh, I could go on! And, while I have no idea whether Calvin's teachers will actually use these bags, I do know they will think of Calvin and smile each time they see that picture.


Patty Thomas said...

I love those bags! I'm going to be making some reusable grocery bags this summer with my kids and I'd like to add a personal touch to them. I might be doing some tracing!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely. I found it more difficult than I thought I would recreating my child's art in embroidery. Yours are looking great!

And thanks for visiting my blog, it gave me a chance to find yours :)

Rosepoet said...

As a future teacher, these bags are just the kind of thing that I would find most touching and would definitely hold on to for years and years... beautiful idea!