Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Things

Gingered Lemon Cookies:

Wrap-up Tote (modified from this tutorial) birthday gift for Grandma Betty:

Peppermint Sun Tea:

Repurposed skirt tote bag (another gift):

Next happy thing will be moving this weekend!  I imagine I won't be here for awhile, so I'll see you all in August!!!!

1 comment:

beemahoney said...

ok, so maybe I'm the first to say this, but Liss, seriously? WHEN did these beautiful things have time to come to be, in these final hours in the old home? I'm convinced now, that you are part alien. That part having freakish sewing speed and concentration, along with very cooperative children who are content to watch you work...the other part I know well - the one who has a lot of love for the gift recipients, and is just good at what she does...I think I need a transplant of a few of those alien parts. Wow those are happy looking things!