Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Judy, Jill, and Jean

Judy, Jill and Jean are Ellerie's room decor.  I did this all about a year ago, but loved how they turned out and thought I'd post the pics.  They look very sweet now against her peachy-pink walls, but I am too lazy today to take new pictures.  Judy and Jill are featured in the frames along with a favorite outfit and accessories.  Jean is hanging from the bottom of the mobile (not pictured) with almost all her clothes swirling above her.  I backed Jean and her attire with some pretty scrapbook paper bought at the craft store,  (I have no real desire to scrap book, but I can see how it is addicting... so many pretty things!  Almost as tempting as fabric!), to give them a little visual interest and color for the times they are not facing their audience.  I love that these are sweet, but not babyish.  I think she'll like them for a long time.  (Fingers crossed here, as I am praying they are not replaced by an early desire to decorate in full-on Dora the Explorer!)

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