Friday, June 27, 2008

From Bruises to Berries

Last weekend Cal's chin made a nice connection with Tate's head leaving this lovely bruise and quite the goose-egg.  

The very same hard little noggin that, at 18 months, barreled into my eye giving me a gorgeous shiner.  Bruiser managed both times to not have a mark on him.

We really had a fun week and a busy one.  Visits from aunts, uncles and cousins and a day with friends in the park for a picnic and a hike.  All in all, great fun, but we've been bushed at the end of the days and I found myself last night questioning my plans to meet Amy for picking strawberries this morning with all the kiddos.  After all, they were headed to Nana Sue and Papa Paul's this afternoon; maybe I was trying to squeeze in too much?  But Calvin asked me first thing with such excitement, "When are we leaving to go pick straaawwwberries?" and that cinched it.  How could I say no?

Happy weekend!

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