Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard

Last night, our still-covered pool got it's third visit from Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.  They must be getting comfortable, as we were actually able to go up to the pool tonight.  My boys are convinced they are looking for a place to build their nest, just like in Make Way For Ducklings.  

So Tate in pajammies and all, I decided to let them try to feed the ducks some bread.  What the heck, we're selling this house.  I guess it will be the next family's problem if the ducks come back squawking for food while their kids are learning to do the doggie paddle!  Usually, I am not this thoughtless, but I suppose I am a little sad about having to leave the pool that my boys love so much.  

Anyway, I guess these ducks aren't used to being fed, as I think they took our zealous bread chucking as a bad thing, began some nervous quacking and, after a few minutes, took off. 

In their honor, we read Robert McCloskey's classic, then it was off to bed.  They were back when I came back downstairs though.....  Must be some good grub on that pool liner.


Patty Thomas said...

Ooh! I'm having similar pains too! We are going to sell our house and will miss our pool. The property we are hoping to get has NO pool. What are we going to do all summer when it's 100 degrees???

beemahoney said...

Your ducks are great! Have they come back? maybe they are looking for a nursery?