Friday, June 6, 2008

Comings and Goings

Woohoo!  My package from Stefani arrived this week!  As you can see, it was a fun little mix of Texas and Japan!  I haven't had a chance to try the edible items yet, although the boys gobbled up the candies almost quicker than I could get to one.  The bluebonnet soap is my favorite.  I can't stop smelling it, but it has a reserved spot at the new house kitchen sink, so I have refrained from using it yet.  Thanks Stefani, I just loved getting a package and love that this one can be enjoyed bit by bit.

On my end, this little package is going out to darling Megan.  Poor Meg always gets my experiments.  If you're reading this Babe, just a little thank you for being such a fabulous and inspirational friend. 

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beemahoney said...

OOOOooooh...I can't wait!