Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Kids, Happy Mama

We had a lovely weekend around here.  Way too hot.  Way too messy.  Way too much laundry.  But it was too hot for Daddy to do much at the other house, so we actually had him around!  Woohoo!  And the kids spent a lot of time splashing in the little patio pool and sprinkler.  Friday, when we moved the pool to fill it, the kids found this little guy staying cool underneath.

SO much joy from one little old toad!  Wish I could post all of the pics of them hopping (literally) after him and Ellerie chasing him down like he was one of the cats.  I did let Ellie touch him, but not hold him as I was afraid for the toad, to be honest.  The boys each had their turns with him though and by the time they were done the poor toad's heart was beating like he had hopped a marathon!  

Now, on to what made MY heart flutter this weekend.  Yard sales and the like have been tough for me to hit these days, with Mike being gone a lot and me disliking the prospect of dragging around three whiney children only to be begged for every battery operated vehicle and plastic action figure ever made.  But this weekend, he wasn't gone AND he reminded me of the church rummage sale up the street!  What a good ya Hon!  I was lucky enough to go at the end of the day, when everything you could stuff in a paper sack was 2 bucks and everything else was 1/2 off or make an offer.  For less than twenty bucks, I found a lot of treasures.  But the highlight of my day was the vintage stuff I came across.  Two sets of embroidered pillowcases and not 1, not 2, but THREE vintage handmade aprons!

I think the one with the polka-dots and the ruffle is my favorite (although that could change at any second) and check out the sweet pocket on this pink one.  I am such a sucker for ric-rac.  

And, possibly the biggest prize of the day, a vintage Kitchen Aid mixer!  It is missing all the attachments, save the mixing part, but it does work.   I KNOW this is hysterical for someone who professes not to like cooking and baking.  But I am almost positive that wearing one of these aprons and mixing up something in that old appliance is going to inspire least once. ;-)   Just goes to show the power of something old over me.  Not only am I going to give new life to these discarded things, but they are going to breathe life into me!


Patty Thomas said...

Ooh! Yard sale without kids!!! Lucky you! I know what you mean about the old appliances. I almost jumped up and down in someone's yard when I found an old waffle maker like the one my friend's mom used to have. It was $5 and used once. I waited to find and old one 'cause the new ones stink! It works great!!! Have fun mixing!

beemahoney said...

you lucky dog you!