Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Hours

This is part of the culprit, folks.  It would be tedious and boring to explain to you all the ridiculous steps I have to take to bill this stack, but it's a big one and has to be done by the end of the month.

I can see I am going to be on "summer hours" for awhile anyway.  Between stacks of work, a baby that wants to be outside and all the regular junk, seems I won't be getting to the computer as much as I might like to be posting.  So, it is likely there will be lots of posts like this one and the last couple, summing up the past week or several days.  I might just post pics occasionally too when I don't have time to type.  Here goes with a couple recent things:

Michael's Father's Day gift from the kids.  Just a $2.50 shirt off the clearance rack at Target (hence the almost neon green) and some fabric paint.  There are prints across the front as well, but I am guessing Mike would not appreciate his pic on here as he likes to be photographed about as much as I do!  Ellerie was a little tricky, but they all had fun with the feeling of the paint on their hands and, as simple as it was, loved being able to give something to their daddy that they had a hand in ;-)  hahahaa!

This is the patternless clothespin apron that went out to darling Meg.  She's is a lucky dog to get that fabulous fabric, but being my closest friend comes at a price:  she always gets the prototype. Thankfully she's tiny, because I did not completely think out the length of the ties, trying to use up scraps that I had.  And there are some funny hemmed edges at the top, because I turned the pocket instead of binding it.  

So, here lies the improved version, going out to a blog acquaintance as a thank you.  I think I am safe from her reading this before she gets it (or possibly at all!), so I have decided to just post it anyway.  This time I bound the edges with bias tape and added a separate waistband and a little decoration. Boy am I sick of looking at pictures of things on my table.  

This weekend will be work at the other house for Mike, paperwork and cleaning for me (and, with any luck, sewing up a couple of cut out bibs for a friend at church) and a visit (I think) from Nana Sue and Papa Paul for the kids.  Busy, busy, but with good things to come from all of it.

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beemahoney said...

ok, so the prototype was amazing, and I LOVE it, and didn't detect any of the craziness that you did! Also, between now and then, where did the time come to produce the beautiful twin-ish creation! You just amaze me over and over.