Monday, June 2, 2008

Catching Up

Well, yesterday I caught up on my stuff for work for the first time in MONTHS.  Just in time for them to send home a big ol' pile of it for me tomorrow! Today is beautiful and I have spent most of it, so far, trying to catch up on laundry.... at least enough to get Mike clean clothes for work and Ellerie some clean diapers!  So now I am taking a break from cleaning while the kitchen floor dries and am going to try to catch up here so that I can get back in the swing of all things bloggish.

Calvin's preschool graduation went very nicely.  Cal got the honor of holding the flag and I only got a little teary.  Really.  Just a few sniffles.  We were very proud of him.  Still are, in fact.  And, even though I have enjoyed not having to run back and forth to preschool three days a week, I am not ready to send him on the bus in the fall.  So many firsts for both of us.

Ellerie has been making friends with Trailer lately.  She cornered Roxie in the closet last week, got nipped and still hasn't figured out to leave her alone.  But Trailer has been surprisingly tolerant of her tail holding and attempts to love him, which often look as though she is trying to lay or sit on him.  I think he must be just DYING for attention these days.  He never let the boys come near him, still doesn't really.  But I think he may have just found a little buddy.

We have also started a small container garden, currently on the pool deck to keep Ellie out of the plants.  My mother-in-law got me some herbs for mother's day and some tomato plants for the boys.  Preschool and Sunday School bestowed us with peas and peppers, respectively.  So we are looking forward to what we will be able to use from our little pots.  

I have grand plans of glorious and well-tended flower and veggie gardening on the new house, but as that is not going to be an option this year (or ever, with my track record of dream big, do small) I am happy to wait to see the lavender blossom right here.

Otherwise, we have mostly been just soaking up the sun when it is here and trying to find what will be our "summer groove."  I don't think our groove will ever be smooth and dreamy like I sometimes imagine (picture a Country Time Lemonade commercial), but I look forward to figuring out what it will sound like this season.


Heather said...

Ahh Sounds nice. I really love that photo of your daughter and the cat. Your garden looks lovely. I loev checking in on my garden everyday. If I could only keep my little son from pulling up my marigolds!

beemahoney said...

Hey, did you start those from seeds?