Monday, April 21, 2008

A Week in Summary

Well, I'm back.  The first part of last week was miserable.  Mike (oddly enough) was the only one to escape this last round of nasty, coughing virus and secondary infections.  I was rather grateful for my antibiotics, I must say.  After we were all feeling a little better, I took the kids to my parents' for the rest of our "spring break."  I feel like I could post a hundred pictures. (I'm sure I took more than that.)  But with Earth Day being here, I am feeling rather green.  Apparently so are the locals, as for months now the horizon has been broken with this army of windmills.  They could stand a post of their own; this picture does nothing to convey how massive they are and how MANY of them are there.  

The weather has been so lovely for a week now, that all those May flowers are coming without the April showers (and we do need those).  My mother's daffodils and jonquils were blooming all over the place, but for some reason I was captured by this clump only on the verge of bursting buds.  

I am terribly looking forward to hanging laundry on the the line at the new house.  Here, when I hang out diapers, they are confined to a drying rack and sometimes flung over the kids' playset.  I loved being able to string them up in the backyard at "home" while the boys rambled around the barn and Ellerie tottered around on the grass.  Part of the reason I am so looking forward to our new home being finished is that it reminds me so much, in odd little ways, of my first home.

"Down Back" was feeling springy as well.  Among all the still brown trees and dry grass and reeds by the creek, the grass and ground cover around the trails almost glowed with greenness. 

This last picture isn't green at all, but it's my boy with a "recycled" treasure:  a gear likely from an old lawn mower (according to Papa), crusted with rocks and debris from sitting rusted for years in a creek bed.  The creek has crept a bit north again this year, leaving a lovely dry bed of stones and fossils and other treasures to be found and saved.  They can't wait to go back and look for more.  Neither can I.

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beemahoney said...

Great pictures of your Mom and Dad's place! Made me homesick really. The Creek hasn't changed much has it - just needs a couple of renegade girls tripping along through it *)