Thursday, April 24, 2008


This here is Sophie.  She is the best teething toy on earth and has been a good friend for dear Ellerie this week.  Ellie is cutting all four top front teeth and has been crabby as anything for the past few days.  Soft, chewy Sophie is so patient as she has her head and feet gnawed frantically.  Look at that face; she's not the least upset!  Ellerie is also thrilled that she has learned to squeeze her and make her squeak and gives some squeaks of her own in return.  Hopefully Baby Girl will soon feel better and all those teeth will pop through.  In the meantime, I'm so glad we dug THIS little girl out of the bottom of the toy bin.  

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beemahoney said...

oh Sophie! We have her too! (surprised?) Adam just all but ate her up when he was a baby. Polly is somehow freaked out by her. that's my girl for you - she is also much afraid of raggedy Anne and Andy. Polly is from Mars.