Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Men in Trees

I was all set this morning to do a post about what a lovely day for boots it is and some drivel about the magnetism of boys to the absolute wettest and muddiest spot in the whole yard.  

It IS a lovely day for boots.  Warm, breezy, and absolutely wet and muddy.  But the town had something else in mind for us today than just splashing about in puddles, although there was plenty of that.  Truth be told, I often lament the fact that we are in the suburbs for a vast and varied number of reasons.  When we were trying to decide whether or not to move last summer/fall, we really did try to look for a place with some acreage and privacy.  We found, however, that what we could afford and what we actually wanted didn't exactly coincide and the new house is in the suburbs again, albeit a slightly larger and more private yard and a lovely feel to the neighborhood with many big, old trees.

Although our current house has NO big, old trees, we are flanked by them on all sides.  And this morning we had chain saw surround sound as the town trimmed back branches around power and phone lines.

The boys (especially Calvin) were fascinated by these guys clamoring up trunks large and small with spiked boots and ropes and clips.  They worked together, 3 or 4 cutting at one time-but always a safe distance apart- and 2 or 3 cleaning up, making quick work of a lot of trees in our field of vision.  

I did ask them at one point if they minded an audience; still I think they probably wondered what was wrong with the lady leaning out of her kitchen window to take pictures of them.  

Well, what else are you going to do in the 'burbs?

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