Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Calvin put my breast pump together tonight, like a puzzle.  He did get a couple of hints from me, but otherwise was very crafty in assembling it.  "What does it do, Mama?"

Oh yeesh.  "Well, it gets the milk from Mommy's body into a bottle, if I ever needed to do that." Whew.  That seems vague enough.

"I want to see it work.  I want to pump stuff.  Show me how it works, Mama."  

Hmmmm.  Maybe too vague. "Um.  No."

"Well, then I'll do it on myself!" (in a defiant "I'm-mad-at-you-for-not-doing-what-I-want" sort of way)  Then, after a bit of shirt lifting (his, not mine) and some poking, "That tickles."

These kids crack my can.

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