Friday, April 11, 2008

Good For What Ails Ya

Well, hope really does spring eternal.  and there is nothing like a new season and a new property to be reminded of that.

And if buds and new growth don't fire up your passion for life, then try doing some yard work,

pulling some trees with your papa,

or hanging a bird feeder at its new home with your nana.

Raking leaves, pulling off the dead brush, reshaping and rejuvenating the land (that's really fun to say, even if it is just a little suburban lot) is a pretty darn cleansing process.  Hard work outside with proper results just can't be beat, even if it leaves you with a CRAZY mess inside and an overcooked crockpot chicken and boxed (yup.  boxed.) mashed potato dinner.  Even dinner was salvaged (although mostly not EATEN) because the cranky boys were threatening to not eat their dinners until they got their lima beans.  "I will NOT eat until I get the lima beans!  WHERE       ARE       MY      LIMA     BEANS?"  That's just priceless.  

Now to tackle the inside of the "old" house for a showing today while the kids rot their brains with television.  Hey, you can't live the ideal ALL the time.  

1 comment:

lsfinger said...

I hate Lima beans, where did these kids come from? BTW, you're missing a y in "they" in "they got their lima beans". :) For the first time I can correct you! Ha, ha!