Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First Entry Ever

Well, today I am officially entering the Greater World of Blogdom.  I am entering a contest over at Blue Yonder.  Still, because I am largely a chicken,  I believe I have (intentionally) thwarted any REAL possibility of winning by choosing a repurposed entry that is not entirely my own creation.... depending on how you define creation.  I'm just trying to participate and be a good sport and I really do love this repurposed project and thought some of Stefani's readers might as well.  

The pictures below are of my bed.  It is made from a church pew from the old sanctuary in the church I grew up in and that my father attended as a boy.  It used to be about 12 feet long and sat, for years, both in my parents' basement and on their side porch.  After Mike and I were married for a year or so, we decided to buy a queen sized mattress, but really didn't have money to buy a nice bed frame.  So, while it was my idea to take the old church bench to make a headboard and frame, my parents are the ones who carried out my vision.  Dad cut it down and refit one end, using the long bench seats to frame in the box spring.  My mother did the refinishing and Mike and I got a beautiful gift.  

It really is a beautiful bed.  Gives real meaning to "Bedside Baptist!"  And I love that it gives me a connection to my family and my hometown.

The repurpose isn't finished yet, as the hymnal racks are awaiting new homes as bedside book racks for the boys' bunk beds after we move.  And, I still have the paper and pencil holder too, maybe for notes by the phone.  

Stefani, thanks for the encouragement.   


Blue Yonder said...

Oh MY GOSH!!!!
That is so so cool. SO SO COOL!!!

Jody said...

I LOVE this! What a great use for an old pew. It is just beautiful! I love old pews. We have one that we shortened by the same method that you described to be a bench for our entry way. We keep hats, gloves, and the diaper bag in woven baskets underneath.

Robinson Family said...

I love it! I so wish I would have thought of this, myself. The church that my husband and I both grew up in recently got rid of all of their old pews (they switched to chairs, ...sacrilege!) and it would have been such a neat thing to do.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The bed is beautiful!

Jill said...

What a wonderful project for all involved! And just like you Lis- going green-recycle and reuse.