Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Nomination and My Usual Slightly Uncooperative Participation

My dear blogging friend, Nicola, over at Which Name, has nominated me for one of these:

And while I am, of course, flattered and appreciative of her nomination, as usual the chain isn't going any further on this strand. I just can't bring myself to nominate that many people! It's not that there aren't any out there, but I hate feeling like I might ask someone to participate that doesn't really want to. So here are my lists for your amusement (or sedation):

5 Things I am Currently Obsessed With:

1. Knitting. There is not enough time in the day to knit all the things I want to knit and to use all the yarn I want to use and to learn all the skills I want to learn.

2. Crochet. I want to learn how to do this like you wouldn't believe. Obsessed with figuring out how I will manage to find time to do so as I already have a problem with #1.

3. Tate's birthday present(s). Tate turns five in November and I find him rather tricky to buy for. There are already a lot of boy's toys in this house, so I feel like I need to be inventive. I want to do something nice, without going overboard and not get just any old thing.

4. TV. Not with watching more of it, but less. I don't want to get rid of it, as I rather like to plop down and rot my brain in front of it occasionally myself and Mike would NOT be on board for that one anyway. Still, I have developed some bad habits of late in an attempt to get things done and retain my sanity. Something needs to change, but I need a bit of a plan I am not sure how many "rules" that plan should involve, or if I should just sneakily reduce their viewing. I'm leaning that way.

5. Dottie Angel. If you don't read that blog, you should. If you do, enough said. And I want her dog.

7 Random Things about Me:

1. My right ear is rather bigger than my left.

2. I am creeped out by long fingernails. I used to grow mine when I was younger and I am not entirely sure what happened. It may have been after I started changing poopie diapers. Anyway, I now DETEST them on myself and keep them "boy short." They wig me out on other people slightly less. Sorry if you grow yours long. No offense meant. We can still be friends.

3. I don't like being told what to do. If you want to suggest something to me that's
fine, only please don't get in my face and try to tell me what I NEED to do. My
natural reflex in that case is to tell you to get lost (at least in my head), even if what you have to say is valid. Unfortunately my kids seem to have inherited that gene.

4. I don't really like to cook. I do because we can't afford me not to and because I REALLY like to eat. But if I could afford some sort of help around the house it would be a chef. That will NEVER happen.

5. My only other friends that are SAHMs don't live near me. I am so excited to have befriended a neighbor who stays home. It's not like we'll be doing coffee every day or anything, but it's really nice that we have that option. She's watching Elle for a little while today while I go on a field trip with Tate. I have only been able to do this before when I had my parents or sister drive all the way here just for that.

6. Over the summer we started going to a new church. It was a tough decision for us, but we are feeling really good about the decision. It is a church that is closer to home, rather than a 20 minute drive, has a lot of great things to offer and has GREAT children's programs and is becoming a real blessing to us.

7. I currently need a new pair of slippers.

Asleep yet? Yeah, me too.


nicola@which name? said...

i am so sorry i burdened you with the obligation! not my intent. in fact, i have cheerfully accepted awards and not continued them before.
that said, it is nice to read more about you!


Feather said...

I am a regular subscriber to non-conformity...

Sherrie said...

I went and looked in the mirror,and I believe that both of my ears are the same size.

I would not have been able to accept the blogger award because creative isn't spelled right! I am creative but I am also obsessive about spelling!

You make me laugh! Thanks for that!

Artfulife said...

Ohhhhhh I have a nail thing too! Can't stand them. Mostly because they get in the way with daily life. I admire people who can stand to bother with them.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Nice to read more about you! I think you'll be glad to have this to look back on. xo

sweetwilliam said...

I have just found dottie angel - its a lovely blog! Glad you found an new fellowship, I hope it brings a lovely new season into your life.