Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you, Toni (and, I'm Sorry)

Awhile ago, (ahem, I am ever so slightly embarrassed to say...last month) Toni over at Raising Eden very sweetly gave me an award!  An award, people, just for rambling on about myself and whatever junk I happen to be doing or thinking and what I choose to photograph and share!  Blogland is a cool place, my friends!  Toni, and everyone else who stops by, thank you SO much for sharing life with me and letting me know I am not talking to myself!

But here is where I am going to get super embarrassed and make a confession that will probably keep me from ever receiving any sort of tag from anyone else!  *deep breath*  Here goes:  I am supposed to, upon receiving said award, respond with 6 things I find important and 6 things I do not support and then award 6 other bloggers.  But I am not going to do it.  I tried and tried and tried to come up with just what I wanted to say here and who I wanted to tag and I just don't feel settled about anything that I come up with.  Anyone who knows me is probably thinking "Liss, you're kidding, right?  This is a soapbox just WAITING and you are not going to leap upon it and bestow your opinions about values on the blogging world?!?!?!"  And, believe me, there is a part of me that would love to, very smugly, jot down all the things I think are important and incredibly misguided.  But the only thing I do feel settled about is that anyone reading this blog knows the kinds of things I value and will probably discover more than 6 of them along the way.   And as for things I don't support, well, aside from the obvious things like child snatchers and murder, I don't think this is the place that I want to get all controversial in black and white.  I could, I'm sure, but I just don't want to.  

And then, when I tried to figure out WHO to tag, half the people had already been tagged by someone else and I wasn't sure if it was fair to award when I wasn't fully participating myself.  So, here I am, breaking the rules again and just thinking I can do whatever I want to do and everyone will still like me.  In spite of my inability to conform here, I really am flattered and appreciative.  Please keep coming by everyone, even if it is just to see what I will anti-participate in next!  


Toni said...

Elissa - you put my name in lights! Wow. You rule breaker you :)

beemahoney said...

Liss, I totally understand your not getting things done - but what fun that you got this award! So Toni's blog is really adorable - hadn't headed over there until today - She is totally in love with those babies...