Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In My "Studio"

Please forgive the cheesiness of the blurry edge photo. I was playing. This is my growing little pile of washcloths. I have SO many ideas for them in my head; if only I could manage to not sleep anymore. I could get so much done. Nevertheless, the pile is growing and is surrounded by happy little bits of encouragement so as not to get depressed over not having any of the tails tucked in.

This black one is developing a lovely knobbyish texture that I am sure to use again. Knobbyish, but soft at the same time. I'm thinking baby-blanket perfect.

It really is the texture that does me in, you know.


nicola said...

oh, elissa, you will motivate me to knit more, yet!
as for the sleep...i just told mike i am back to something needing to give. my kids are waking at 5:30 and are each having their own struggles making my days lonnnnnnng. can't let go of the crafting, though!

nicola said...

by the way, that comment should have said how beautiful your stack is! wow! (my hand knit washcloths are my favorite. absorbent, durable, good scrubbers without being harmfully abrasive.)

and i like the blurry edged photos!


Artfulife said...

It's so hard to juggle all that needs to be done. I love your stack of knitting! I only wish we lived closer so you could show me how to knit. I read your last post and it made me giggle, in a motherly giggle (as in I have been in your shoes before) I can tell you are a great mom. Word to the wise, a Dr. once told my friend that there were few kids that went to college who couldn't use the potty. Haahaa. So I try to remember it will happen when they are ready. Big hugs to you my friend-Summie

Anna said...

Looooove the knobby black knit. I mean, I really love it.