Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's a Girl To Do?

So, yesterday I am sitting at the computer and lurking on some blogs for a quick moment here and there and I stop in over at Silly Happy Sweet as I do upon occasion.  And, doesn't she have a picture of some fabric that she just bought from Fat Quarter Shop that CANNOT POSSIBLY BE TRUE.  Do you SEE this fabric????  Does anyone who has been around my house know the significance of this particular fabric?

American Jane for Moda Fabrics

There are my girls:  Judy, Jill and Jean!!!!!!

American Jane for Moda Fabrics

Oh, SWOON.  Now how do I resist making a quilt out of this... make that that TWO quilts as Ellie has a set of bunks waiting for her....  what's a girl to do?  I have absolutely no experience making a quilt, have no money to spend on this fabric and I am just DYING inside to make this for her room.  I mean... what are the chances that the EXACT paper dolls I choose to decorate her room end up as fabric????  It's got to be some kind of sign.


Oh, rats.


Melissa Crowe said...

That's a power too great to resist, I'd say. You better start selling some washcloths.

nicola said...

dang the whole "no money" bit.

A Day That is Dessert said...

swoon, indeed! drat about the money and little detail about quilting experience.

Dana said...

A sign for sure. That fabric is adorable and would make AWESOME quilts for little girl rooms!

Sherrie said...

trust me if i can do a quilt you can! you and kath have that magical sewing "gene"ous. for real talk to her about me and sewing
:) She will be brutally honest, and probably laugh her head off! Seriously though,I will pitch in money for you to get that fabric...it is way too perfect to ignore!

Erin said...

Oh, how perfect! Have you checked E-bay? I know they often have Moda fabric, but not sure about this particular print. I would love to start making quilts too. My Great Aunt was a quilt maker and now I really wish she was still here to teach me. I know it's not the same as a quilt, but there are other ways you could use the fabric in the room that wouldn't require as much money or skill. Try to think outside of the box.. maybe you could just buy a smaller amount and make pillow covers? Or frame some to make wall art? Just some suggestions! :)

Jo James said...

Oh, how could you possibly resist?? It's just too good! I went and looked at your inspiration, and your daughter's ceiling is SO wonderful! I want a ceiling like that. Thanks for the inspiration and the addition to my someday-this-is-how-it'll-look book :)