Monday, March 16, 2009

Bubble Bursted

So, I figured out the daisy stitch!  Isn't it beautiful??

It makes for a fabulous washcloth!  You'd pay good money for a washcloth like that right?  And, with the end of my tiny money-making job near on the horizon, I thought why not make these and sell them on Etsy?  

Only, apparently I am not       the      first      one       to       think       of        this.  Not sure I want to try to compete with that kind of talent.  I did, however, find some lovely Etsy shops! SIGH. Back to the drawing board.  

Still, I do so love the daisy stitch.


Melissa Crowe said...

Good for you!

And you know, I'm not saying you should run out right now and open a washcloth shop, but I don't think you need a completely unique item on etsy. In fact, I think it's pretty darn impossible. Look at all the people selling beribboned barrettes. There must be 10,000 of em. I guess I'm saying don't try to sell beribboned barrettes (and don't try to say it three times fast, either).

Elissa said...

melissa, you're the bomb! i think, if i ever open an etsy shop, that i will name it "Beribboned Barrettes" no matter what I sell in it, simply because that just TOTALLY cracked my can! oh, and I see you have your giveaway and i am FOR SURE entering, but I refuse to be the first one because I seriously doubt I could win as #1.. and i AM, mark my words, going to win. i can feel it in my beribboned barrettes.

Elissa said...

that would also, as dave barry puts it, make a great name for a rock band

clevelaaaand.... put your hands togetheeer for The Beribboned Barrettes!!!!! wooooo!!!!!

oh yeah. i'm going to have fun with this ALL day.

Melissa Crowe said...

I didn't even KNOW I could crack a can. Can I put that kind of skill on my resume? Either way, right back at ya, Babe.

(and my email is

nicola said...

gorgeous!! the first set of those washcloths i have, i receveid as a gift., the second set, i bought and did pay very good money for. as in probably close to $10 per cloth. i can't remember, but years later, they still look new. worth every penny. dark colors look new longer. that is my tip!
i have stalled on my knitting. i tried to follow a pattern and knit a heart and it came out wonky half way through. still trying to figure out what i did wrong!

Dana said...

How much are you going to sell them for? I might be interested. :)

Artfulife said...

I'm with melissa, you can still sell the same things others are but with your own twist on it. Maybe make them in different sizes. You could call them the Goldilock's washcloth set, you know one for mama, one for papa and one for baby. You could put a zillion different twists on them to make them your own. If you decide to do the whole Goldilocks idea, I only ask that you let me design the tags. I would buy those. Hugs-Summie

beemahoney said...

wow - that is beautiful! You are so talented Liss *)

Erin said...

Okay, I have to figure out how to add you to my list of blogs I follow because I have been missing out on a ton of new posts!

It' an Evolution said...

Oh man I love that stitch..the texture if beautiful. Funny how something so simple can be so beautiful.