Friday, March 13, 2009


Guess what?  All three knuckleheads have just left for their Nana and Papa's.  Here they are this morning zoning out to Martha Speaks before Cal left for school.... very excited, just a TAD too early!

I always feel a funny sort of sadness when I'm away from the kids, but I am ready for this.  I need a break... first time in six years!!!  I had their stuff all ready early to throw them out the door ;-), but it took Nana and Papa a little longer to get here.  

Yes, there is a little potty going off with them.  Seems our bout with the GI bug brought Miss Bird a keener awareness of her bodily functions.  She's not 100%, but she's using it, which is very exciting to me as the boys were over 3 before they were even interested.  And then, really only interested because I told them they HAD to be interested. 

The suitcases are a little project started WELL over a year ago and I still have to finish up Tate's.  I am the QUEEN of procrastination sometimes, but I have promised before our trip in April, it will be completely sewn on.

That project has been sent off though, with the kids, so I will have to choose something else to occupy my time.  I think a good clean up is in order, as we are forever looking ransacked around here.  But first, a date with my hubby!  And, as long as I can keep from missing the kids too much (which is complete craziness as half the time I am desperately wanting to be alone), complete freedom.


Kathy said...

Love the suitcase idea. Enjoy your time with Michael this weekend.

Dana said...

Oh!! Enjoy your time!

Artfulife said...

You deserve it! They looked ready to go have some fun too. Happy weekend!

nicola said...

1) such a cute photo of the 3 of them
2) we have the same booster and car seats!
3) i am soooo envious!
4) HAVE FUN! ;)

Erin said...

Ha! I love how the kids in their car seats and their suitcases are all lined up!

lil songbird mama said...

ha! we also sent our little one to the grands last weekend. It was also hubby's b-day so we went out on the town!