Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have a bit of an addiction to vintage patterns.  It's not that I really have any time to sew any of them and, to be honest, I am a little intimidated when I sit down with a "real" pattern because I always sort of want to do my own thing.  For awhile, I wasted countless hours on vintage pattern sites, scouring for cool patterns in the right sizes and then, even after I wasn't buying anymore because I knew I didn't have the time or money to do so, I was still looking.  I have since repressed that urge but, when my mother came for Calvin's birthday toting this, I knew I'd hit the jackpot.

I still don't know the whole story behind these.  They came from my sister Michelle's MIL's estate.  But apparently they had been tossed and my niece (other sister) requested that they go back and dig them out???  Girl after my own heart, that Kirsten.  You gotta love a girl that "gets" vintage even at 13.  So, here is my pile of goodies and the rest are going to said niece.  

My guess is she's going to put together one of these first.

You'll note the one on the left is in a plastic bag.  That one was a "mistaken" purchase from a great site for old patterns, Lanetz Living.  I say a mistake, only because I fell in love with the pattern and didn't carefully pay attention to the size:  31 inch bust.  I'm definitely small in that department, but not THAT small... there is my rib-cage to account for and all.  And, oddly, a 31 inch bust pattern goes with a 33 inch hip, and that FOR SURE ain't happenin'.  So, Kirsty, have at!  Can't wait to see what goodies you whip up.  


Artfulife said...

Ah I think my measurements were 32, 28, 32 when I was IN HIGH SCHOOL! LOL. I'm way heavier now. Wish I could loose these retched 30 lbs or extra lub. It's so much harder to do once you've had 3 kids. I will say one thing though, even though I don't feel healthy, I do feel beautiful in my womanly curves.
I have two of the patterns you showed in the pics, they were my mom's. One of these days I will have to break out my vintage pattern collection. Courtesy of my high school French teacher no less.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

These make me feel nostalgic! My mother sewed ALL of our clothes when I was a little girl; I remember admiring the patterns that looked just like those in your photos.

nicola said...

ditto and ditto. love them but can't follow them. had to avoid the whole section at that huge warehouse thrift sale i went to! have fun!

commoncents said...

Nice post!

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It' an Evolution said...

I love the ones that have 23 inch waist lines...yeah right. I should see if my mom still has her patterns from the dozens of dresses she made me...I'd be happy to send them your way if I find them :)

Anna said...

Jackpot is right!!! Pardon me for drooling over your stash.

I hope you take a stab at one of them. I'd love to see it!

(I recently found a pattern for a 1950's smoking jacket. With an ascot and everything! I'm tempted to make it for Pops!)