Monday, March 30, 2009

Done vs. To Do

Today I have started to make a list of the things I have actually DONE, as opposed to a "To Do" list.  That list would SERIOUSLY crush the the things accomplished.  Here's what I have so far:

1.  Picked up the LR and vac
2.  Ran dishwasher
3. Numerous loads of laundry (still not making a dent)
4.  Packed away snowsuits and the heaviest of coats (in spite of it SNOWING this morning, I am choosing to be an optimist here)
5.  Packed away heaviest of winter sweaters and boots (some boots still to go) and pulled out spring and summer stuff
6.  Finished Ellerie's birthday crown

Ta-Da!  She actually gets a little "outfit" as I came across some cheap stuff to go with it.  1.50 Fairy wand, 1.75 Target clearance glittery tutu skirt.  

A birdie for my little birdie:

More flowers and initial:

And, just to clarify (*ahem*  Meg), I've been working on this here and there for a couple weeks now.  Not just this afternoon.

And, to further clarify what it means when I work on ANYTHING except housework for any length of time, here is my sewing room/office:

Multiply that by every other room in my house (excepting the LR, which I did pick up and vac, see item 1) and you have my humble abode.  Please Child Services, don't take my kids away from me.  I do try to maintain some, albeit low, level of actual cleanliness.  

Love that Nicola has been finding this amusing lately as well!


Melissa Crowe said...

What a lovely crown! You should email me Ellerie's birthday date and your address--I want to send her something.

Kath said...

Love the new banner,crown and especially the messy sewing room ...being creative is more important than being a neatfreak!

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love the idea of a list of accomplishments vs. a to-do list.

Great new banner! And what a stunning crown - strong work.p

Mod Girl said...

Love the Goodform chair sitting at your desk. We have slat-backed, 4 legged ones around our dining room table. Delightfully mod!

Sherrie said...

that crown is the bomb!

beemahoney said...

THAT CROWN, Liss - is just it. I want to wear it around the Fingerlakes. they might mistake me as royalty...

nicola said...

OMG OMG i LOVE the crown! that is incredible and puts my simple letter crowns to such shame! (i can add to them right?) SOOOOOO cute!
and i love your new header.
and i love your "done" list. smart girl!