Monday, March 2, 2009

Back To Life

Well, we seem to be coming back to life here. Ah.... it's good to consume coffee again.  Thank you to everyone who said prayers and wished us well.  Now if only it would get warm enough to throw the windows open and breathe in some nice fresh air.  Everything here needs a scrub-down today as we head into Cal's birthday week. I'm working on his crown (good king/bad king reversible) and trying to figure out what the heck to send in to school for some sort of birthday treat that won't break the bank or make me crazy.  (Suggestions are welcome)

In the meantime, here are some pics of Tate's purple scarf.  Note how nicely it goes with the purple shadows under his eyes... poor baby.  

But he does look rather cool in a jaunty sort of way, doesn't he?  Yup, he's rockin' the man- purple.

I've managed to beat out a couple cotton dishcloths too.  We really need them and they make such great little practice squares.  I finished the double seed stitch one at my folks' and I really love that pattern.  Then I did one in a small basketweave... MEH, it's ok.  This latest one is taking it's toll though.  I think I am taking my aggression out on my needles, as I am wearing the tips right down.  Maybe metal is more the material for me:

The knot stitch is worth it though....even the little blister it's creating on my finger....I love it!

I've been following patterns and instructions from Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting.  It has been a VERY helpful resource (thank you Sue!).  And, the instructions are very similar to the daisy stitch I've been wanting to attempt, so I think I get it now.  For sure, that one is up next.  

But first, bleaching the toilets. ;-)


Sherrie said...

fruit snacks are usually a big hit for school treats. though I am not sure where you stand on the whole sugar issue!

lsfinger said...

Lis, Did you know that purple was the most valued color among ancient cultures? It represented royalty, kingship and elegance! Could our little Tate be a leader of our country some day?

TaMs* said...

oh that little scarf is so cute. :)

nicola said...

wow. you got good very quickly! the scarf AND the dishcloths look fabulous. a friend made a pile of cotton knit dishcloths for me years ago and they are still going strong, they were a light color and stained quickly, though, just beware! i now have a dyed-to-cover stains set and a newer dark blue-that-hides-everything set. :)
which name?

Artfulife said...

So glad you guys are feeling better. I love Tate's purple scarf. It looks so cute on him.

Anna said...

Yes, very jaunty!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

If I weren't a regular reader, I would NEVER guess you had recently learned...nice work! So glad you're all coming back to life. xoxo