Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A few weeks ago, one of the new neighbors walked over to our back fence while I was out with the kids hanging wash.  She offered us several bags of books, puzzles and toys that she was cleaning out from her granddaughters.  Well, her granddaughters must have been almost as old as me because everything was from the 80s.  Cabbage Patch Kids puzzles and Rainbow Bright, Tom and Jerry books; it was hysterical!  Our favorite though was the very unartistic, uncreative, but oh-so-fun, paint with water books.  

I could not believe how many of these pictures were left.  My kids tore through them all in two sittings!  I think it would have been one, but I managed to convince them to save a few for another time.  I love the simplicity of these pictures and they just have that great retro feel.

I took pictures of several of them that I wanted to remember for later crafty inspiration.  I love this little American Indian girl and her teepee. 

It kept them busy for a lovely thirty minutes or so and I even did a couple myself.  Ah, nothing like putting brush to paper to get those creative juices flowing!  Tee-hee!

A sweet gesture from a new neighbor and a good time had by all.  Even if some of the colors no longer worked and pictures were fought over, this right here is a simple joy of childhood and it felt good to join in.

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