Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Bits

This is how I found the little bird yesterday when I checked on her at nap time.  She covered herself up and sat right there in the corner and fell asleep.  

I think it is because she likes to frequently play THIS game:

Otherwise entitled, "let's pretend to read/sleep/hide and seek/wrestle in Mama and Daddy's bed."  Here she is reading her Golden Guide to Birds that was my grandmother's. She points at her favorites, makes a lumpy sort of noise that sounds almost entirely UNlike "bird" and then looks to us for approval while making that questioning "ueh?" noise that babies do. 

This is what I saw when I looked out my kitchen door yesterday into the garage.  I thought he was practicing building a campfire, but he claims no-just a structure.  Why they have toys, I don't know.  (If you can't tell, he's just building with sticks).

This is the quick bag I finished up for Calvin last night.  It was lovingly (ahem) dragged through the mud on his farm field trip today.  It turned out really cute, but I put it together very fast and some things were done awfully sloppily.  I was almost hoping he wouldn't want to take it..

Almost.  Secretly, it made me feel good that he wanted to carry it and even pronounced it "cool."  Although I am not certain it was anything I did.  He liked the corn.


tamoore48 said...

What I want to know is if he actually used the word "structure" or if that was your word. If it was his, I'm putting bets on him being an engineer like his uncle (and his uncle's uncle).

Elissa said...

you know, t, now i can't remember whether he did say structure or not? i wouldn't be surprised though.... at this point, i'm guessing engineer, chemist, or daytime soap star...... :-) he is pretty talented with the drama

Artfulife said...

So cute. I love the corn fabric also. Your wordless Wednesday photo's are so wonderful.
P.S. please email me your home address. I have a little something I am sending your way

beemahoney said...

Cal's right - that bag is cool. And your girl in her bed. How adorable. just perfect.