Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, I missed Friday, but here is my thankful list:

1.  A lovely visit from my Mom yesterday.  The kids and I enjoyed seeing her so much and I was bestowed with some "new" clothes (thanks Mama!), a frozen turkey breast, and a helper so fantastic with a slow pitch that I was able to clean out my van... no small task!

2.  Sunshine, sun sunny sunshine and gorgeous fall weather!

3.  A miscalculation on a self-made pattern for a raglan sleeve t-shirt that ended up leading to this green cardigan for Ellerie (made from a cut up sweater of mine that had a big hole in it).  Granted the neck is a little tight and the sleeves are so long they should fit until she is 4, but I still love that it goes with everything and was FREE!

4.  My new quilt rack (sorry no picture) that is serving as towel bars in my bathroom that was previously without towel bars.  Oh happy five dollar find!

5.  This quote that was in my brief devotions the other day by Jeremy Taylor:  "They have not taken away my merry countenance, my cheerful spirit, and a good conscience; they have left me with the providence of God, and all His promises..... my hopes of Heaven, and my charity to them, too, and still I sleep and digest, I eat and drink, I read and meditate.  And he that hath so many causes of joy, and so great should never choose to sit down upon his little handful of thorns."    Oh, I do so want to possess such a spirit.  

6.  The hope for some sewing this week.  We still need so many curtains all over the place.  I have some gift sewing that ought to be done and I have been asked to make something (or things) special for an auction to raise money for a great organization (GTD) run by my SIL's boyfriend. 

Happy weekend everyone!


Toni said...

Love the sweater idea, Elissa. thanks for the inspiration

Artfulife said...

What a great idea for an old sweater. I caught up on all your entries over the past few days. Here is what I think. When you drop the older kids off at school, go to your local walking track/park/safest route mapped out in your neighborhood and walk. Bundle up your little pumpkin and walk 2 miles at first and work up to 4. It only takes an hour to an hour and a half out of your morning, and it will leave you feeling so good about yourself. Buy some of the little flavor packets for your water. It helps me to drink more water. Pray for guidance and inspiration in all that you are feeling frustrated about. The Lord is always willing to help those that help themselves, and I know you are precious to him. We all are. Lastly (hope it's ok I said all this) don't be so hard on yourself. You rock! If you didn't I wouldn't read your blog all the time. Have a great rest of the weekend and can't wait to see your next wordless Wednesday (Those are the cutest hands playing with all those buttons)
-Your bloggin buddy, Summer

Lil D said...

I love the cardigan - I'm always scared to cut up old sweaters (but keep them, in case I one day get the courage to...)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Take care,

beemahoney said...

love the sweater, and the potato soup stuff you wrote about is making me make soup today. hope you are getting to the sewing you wanted to! lylas