Monday, May 18, 2009

Cal's First Party

On Sunday Cal attended is first "real" birthday party without us. He attended a couple in preschool, but only friends of ours or a party where parents were required to be there too. ( Remember the dreaded visit to Chuck E. Cheese?) This friend, Ashley, lives kiddy-corner across the street from us. Her incredible mother VOLUNTARILY hosted a party of crazy little children between, I'm guessing, 5 and 8ish. Ashley is a really cool little girl who is super into reptiles and amphibians! (I am for SURE encouraging this friendship.... no princesses here!) Her parents know a guy who works with snakes and other cool things like that and he came to the party and did a little show/demonstration deal. Cal LOVED it. He got to see snakes and alligators and toucans. I felt pretty good about our gift choices after getting to hear all that.

Here is what we made for Ashley:

The backpack is from the same instructions used for this bag from last year. The bean bag frog was from Purl Bee.

Ellie loved the frog too. Might have to make some of those for the Christmas stockings this year. They are really fun to play catch with.

And here is my little model showing how cute the bag is on. I slipped in a little notebook and colored pen again too; although if I had felt like I had more time, a sketchbook and pencil roll would have been better.

When I picked Cal up, Ashley was holding her frog (yea!) and I'm excited for him (3 hours and a party without me!) and happy for me that it was just up the street. ;-)


Anna said...

Very, very cute. I bet the mom was thrilled for her little dear to get a gift like this! (I know I would be.)

Patty T said...

Awesome gift! I love the frog! You are such a thoughtful mom to make something instead of buying. I love that.

nicola said...

oh, that is sooo cute and a great gift! i love it!!

Lyndsey said...

I love that frog! I am so excited that I will FINALLY be getting a sewing machine soon! My hubby has finally folded to the inner craft goddess :=)

cabin + cub said...

Very cute backpack! I'm sure it was a hit at the party!

Ohhh.. and I totally remember Chuck E Cheese! All that work playing those games to get a zillion tickets, only to find out it redeems to get a pencil or sticker.

joanie said...

I LOVE these gifts, nice fabric choices. And how sweet that your little Cal had his first party on his own!