Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

So, remember this room?

I know, it's hard to recognize. I can barely see the resemblance myself. Even the closet is neat.

That was my Mother's Day gift from Mike (along with some dahlias and not having to cook all day): a WHOLE AFTERNOON of no child related responsibilities so I could dig myself out of that wreck of a room. It's all mine now, by the way, which is why it ended up so messy. OK, PARTLY why it ended up so messy. We moved all the office stuff out a few weeks ago and everything just stayed jumbly. I now feel like I can tackle my ever-growing list of things to sew and I better get on it soon. This month includes birthday parties for 4 and 7 year old girls, a baptism and two preschool teachers. To say nothing of all the things around the house that need to get done.

**deep breath**

Before I get ahead of myself, let me just bask a little more in that (still) clean room, in the pretty glass of flowers brought to me by my three babes,

in the gorgeous pile of drawings and writings bestowed on me by the boys

including this from Tate,

and this from Cal.

It is enough to make me want every day as Mother's Day. But really, when I think about it, every day is.


nicola said...

fabulous! oh my gosh, that room looks fantastic! (send some of that cleaning kharma my way, would ya?)
so glad you had a good day! you need and deserved it!

Artfulife said...

It looks amazing! You really should frame those darling works of art and hang them up in your new work studio. Your walls are just calling for some fun and whimsical work to hang on them. Hugs & hope you had a happy mothers day.

Anna said...

Oh dear. Jealousy is bubbling up inside me...or maybe it's just inspiration!!

sherrie said...

Ahhhh, just to have a room to call my own.... and you did with 3 kids still in the house. I think that I am going home to claim one!
Sounds like you had an awesome mother's day!

Dana said...

Yeah for the clean and organized room!