Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Squeezing One In

There are so many things I wish I could be blogging about these days and pictures I'd like to post.  SIGH.  Alas, they have not yet invented (and, when they do, I won't be able to afford) the computer that types while you THINK up a clever post.  So, in the brief few minutes before taking Tate to preschool and attempting to get groceries so that we ACTUALLY have some food worth eating in the house, here are the recent birthday projects:

This little backpack was made for the girl across the street.  She and Calvin have become pals while waiting for the bus in the mornings and he wanted to do something for her birthday.  The design was his choice and my drawing.  The instructions for the bag are here.  I got the shirt at SA for maybe a dollar fifty and used scraps for the rest, save the grommets and cord which I did have to purchase, but which were NOT expensive.  We put a notebook and some sparkly pens in the pouch and had a lovely little gift to give.  Easy-peasy.  

This bag was for my mother's birthday.  The front design I cannot take credit for.  It was in the box of scraps that came from HER mother and I thought it fitting to turn it into something for my mom.  I love these vintage patterns (along with a lot of other vintage goodness that came from that box).  And now when Mom uses it (even if it is just for toting treasures from the auction), she can carry a bit of Grandma and me with her.   And if anyone would know how much I would LOVE to be toted around with treasures from the auction, it's my mom!


vintagechica said...

Great little blog you have here friend! I love, love that back pack. What a lucky little girlie to have a good friend with such a talented mama.

Blessings to you!!!

Patty T said...

Catching up on my favorite blogs after our move. Cute bags! And even better news about the house! Congratulations! I had to create a new blog after they froze my old one. Long story. Anyway, glad everything is still moving along for you.

Toni said...

Elissa - love your blog, and because of that I've tagged you to post 7 random things about yourself 9see my blog)

Anonymous said...

Those are both gorgeous! You know I love things made from discarded bits - fantastic repurposing job!

sukigirl said...

Wonderful bag...love the applique on it. I'm really enjoying your posts!
Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!