Thursday, May 21, 2009


Remember Violet? Well, MONTHS ago when she was sent off to her dear new owner, a friend was requested. Sorry, Beth and Claire, I'm a little slow these days. But Cousin Bridget is going in the mail this morning.

She has wonky arms, like she is permanently saying "TaDA!!!!"

She has some issues with being bowlegged; it must run in the OTHER side of the family.

And, because I miscalculated the sheerness of the lighter skinned fabric color and didn't trim her dark blue eyes as closely as I should have, she appears to have some serious dark circles.

Still, I'm lovin' the freckles. Hang on Violet, I see a summer of tea parties and sleepovers ahead.


Artfulife said...

Um, she's the cutest thing ever! Sloan just saw her and was like, "Oh my gosh mom! She's so cute!" So you have two people who already love her before she has even reached her owner. I love the freckles!

It' an Evolution said...

I love her too!!!! I see lots of love in those eyes!!!! Wonky legs are the best!
Have a wonderful day..wish Violet was coming home to me :)

cabin + cub said...

She's sooooooo cute!

Sherrie said...

I have got to get to my supply of fabric so I can get her in my hope chest! She is the sweetest one yet Liss! ps so you can be dreaming/picturing her....her name will be Olivia :-) if you don't mind me naming your creation!

Anna said...

Elissa, this is really great. I love to sew, but small projects like this mock me! Sewing machine? Fine. Embroidery? Learning. Small sewing projects like yours? Dreadful.

It's like I have fingers the size of sausages when I try. And, sausage fingers are not very deft.

nicola said...

oh my goodness, oh so cute. i have to link through in the she a kit? i love the freckles (maybe because i have them). and she must be a mamma with those dark circles. :)

kyndale@earthycrunchy said...

yes, I love that little girl, black circles and all. I have black circles too! Yes, was she a kit?

Patty T said...

I LOVE her!!! It gives me some inpsiration for the dolls my daughter and I are going to make this summer. The pattern looks a little intimidating so I'm sure we'll be making adjustments along the way.