Monday, January 26, 2009


Chapter 1: In Which the Small Ones Have a Grand Time and Make More Mess

If perchance, on a Friday morning, you are happily blogging away whilst your 4 and 1 year olds are playing away upstairs with nary a "MINE" being yelled or a scream being let loose, please be aware that upon going up to visit with the little angels you may find something like this:

"That's odd,"  you may say.  "Do her children sleep on plywood without a mattress? Oh, no, there it is.  I see it on the floor BEHIND the bed..."

Chapter 2:  In Which the Children are Bathed

Check out that hair!

Chapter 3:  In Which Something Gets Hung on My Bare Walls

So this is a corner of my kitchen, which is essentially most of the kitchen.  There is also a lettuce postcard on the other side of the window and I am realizing now that they are tough to see at this size.  Sorry about that.  They are rather fun.  The coat rack was a quick save from my folks who are forever supplying me with something when I say "you know.... I could really use a _______."  This was bestowed as a place to hang wet coats and snow things since they currently freeze in the unheated breezeway.  Thanks so much as always; it works perfectly!

Some new friends have stopped by recently and I am so glad that you did!  Please stick around; I like the company.  And, if you check up on me this Friday, you can find out about a chance for us all to get to know each other a little better and a chance (or chances) to get a little goodie out of the whole deal!  Happy week to you all!


A Day That Is Dessert said...

So cute! How is it that whenever it is quiet, it is really never a good thing for long?

nicola said...

i love the corners of your home. the bedroom sight looks familiar. and your smiling girl? adorable!!

beemahoney said...

Liss - she IS Lucy in that picture - just needs to have that jelly sandwich to work at (teehee)