Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Not Frontin'

I'm taking a big risk here, people, with what I'm about to show you.  In light of the previous pile of laundry shared, this is really going to make me look like a slob.  But I've just been having one of those weeks.  You know, the kind where things sort of started out messy and then you had three mornings in a row where you were out all morning running errands and with appointments and by the time you got back it was lunch and then nap and a few random things and then it was supper before you knew it and then quick pick up the dishes and chase the kids for an hour trying to get them into bed and then they baby wouldn't go to sleep until nine and you were supposed to do stuff for work but you didn't get to it and then you were exhausted so you just put your feet up and indulged in American Idol?  You know, right?  One of THOSE weeks.  

To be fair to myself, I DID get some things done or almost done.  Fleece linings for our knit stockings (still need to be sewn in, but they are made), one window shade for the boys' room (more on these in the future), kids' bedrooms cleaned, dental appointments, everyone has been fed and clothed (although possibly not bathed) and we have clean underwear if not clean sheets.  But what seems to happen to me is this:  every time I manage to accomplish some small thing, everything ELSE falls apart.  For example, this afternoon I got the upstairs bedrooms and bath cleaned.  Hooray for me!  But here (Dana, this is for you..-*wink*wink*- more photos of the house!) is what has happened in the meantime:

And, I'll be honest, it looks much worse in person.  
Really, much worse.
Cuz I'm not frontin'.


Jaime Towner said...

Don't be too hard on yourself...that kind of mess only takes a set of three kids about 90 seconds. I only have the 2 and they're pretty close. I asked Aaron why the family room was so messy today and he said, "because it is Micah and my favorite room!" Poor John has been doing more than his fair share of decluttering the house for his super prego wife lately. I am glad you let yourself induldge in a show at the end of the night. You're probably a better mother for it.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

That always happens with kids, doesn't it? They're happy and quiet, and you think, yippee I can do x, y or z...then you spend the same amount of time cleaning up the mess. You are doing a great job just taking care of them! Do what you can and don't sweat it.

Anonymous said...

Our computer room currently looks at least that cluttered, and I don't three kids to account for it!

Artfulife said...

You are so funny! It takes like 5 minutes at my house for it to look like this. Just glad I am not the only one who has to deal with these messes.

Elissa said...

well..... and i don't want to make it seem like i am all about getting stuff done. i'm not, for SURE! just feels risky to share such a pic as i have such a habit of masking all those spots when i post... like when i shove a big pile of mess in my office aside to take a pic of a project i've been working on. this is more the norm for me and always WORSE when i am managing to tackle anything outside of the normal eat, sleep, pick up, do laundry cycle!!!

Melissa Crowe said...

I don't mind telling you, I AM frontin'. One friend who lives in my old town recently asked another friend who has been to my new house, "Does Melissa's house really look as neat and clean in real life as it does in her blog?" The second friend said, "NO!" Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Patty T said...

I am totally cracking up on this one!!! It was like you were watching my house on video! I've had one of those weeks too. You know, the one where I want to just pile all of the junk in one big pile so I can at least have one room that isn't a mess! I'm too afraid that the pile would never disappear! How come the entire month of January seems to be catch up from the holidays? I have a couple of boxes and a hall closet I'm in denial about since our move. Maybe when I don't have anything else to do I'll get to them...wait, free time? Then when I get that free time I don't want to spend it organizing. I'd rather get a coffee or work on some project I actually want to do. It's a vicious cycle!!! Let's just say I probably need to take some pictures of my house so I'll be forced into cleaning due to shame!!!

Anonymous said...

Mess just means the kids have had fun. I bet it would be really tidy if they sat and watched TV all day instead. See what a good mommy you are, they get to make a mess instead of watch TV (at least that's the line I tell myself and I'm sticking to it!)

BTW - just saw your felt campfire, WOW am I impressed! Has to be one of the coolest handmade gifts ever - I bet he loved it :)

Woodspritemama said...

I love it!!
You mean my house isnt the only one like that? ;)
Thank you for your refreshing honesty!
This has been what I have been cooking up to do over at our blog too - when I get a minute and pick myself up from tripping on those Legos! ;)