Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend Dreaming

Ahhhh... much better.  

Now, I can think and work (as long as I close my eyes when I am in the kitchen).  You will notice that the walls of our "recently" moved into home are rather bare.  Hoping to BEGIN to remedy that this weekend, even if not in this room.  And, what you can't see in the over exposed window, is a tacked up bath towel.  Hoping also to get a rod up and start on a shade for that soon.  

Since we moved, we haven't been very disciplined about opening boxes of things that we haven't needed on a daily basis.  There are tons of them in the basement, likely more important than the one I am choosing for the afternoon but, CLEARLY, this one is trying to tell me something.

Here's a peek at what's inside: Some framed pictures, my precious few Martha Stewart Kids mags, my vintage apron stash, 

and these giant clothespins that I am itching to do something cool with.

So, wish me a productive weekend inside as it is crazy cold outside (currently 7 without windchill).  Stay warm, wherever you are!


A Day That Is Dessert said...

Looking good! When did you move? - you really have a lot on your plate! Stay warm!

beemahoney said...

does your living room still look like that? You need to come clean mine!

Elissa said...

no. no that didn't last very long at all in fact.

Laurie said...

You did a great job, my question is where were the kids when you took the picture? Tied up? And, how long did it last until the tornado hit?