Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Water is Fine

Now.  How to TRULY begin? I have the tendency to want to backpedal, to fill in all the memories that are already fuzzy and mourn the ones that are gone altogether.  So much time has already slipped through my fingers.  We have been married almost ten years.  Our oldest will soon be five, followed by his brother (3) and a baby girl that is almost one (SIGH).  But that is too much and this needs to be a fresh start.  Our family is on the cusp of so many good things as we head toward the coming weeks of spring.  NOW feels like just the right place to look ahead, not backward.   And, so I begin by looking forward to blessings yet to be received: a new home, a new sister-in-law and special birthdays, a maple tree waiting to shade us from the sun when it arrives and branches slung low for a good climb.  There are flower and vegetable gardens to plan, books to be read, sewing to be done, knitting to be learned (I hope!), photos to be taken, children to care for and plans to be made.  A great many opportunities await for stretching our minds and our hearts and our limbs.  So I think I will end my beginning with a toast to the future that awaits us and the chance to capture a bit of it in tangible form:  to finding joy and creating our own birch to swing on. Cheers!

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megan said...

Cheers! love the bath - is that baby girl's yummy foot?