Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Cool Dip

I feel, as I begin, that I am standing on the edge of this BLOG, dipping my toes in to test the waters and eyeing for a place to ease myself down.  It is cold here in February; not an easy month to dive in.  I hope that the icy shock of my words exposed will not send me flying from the depths. For, certainly, there are many obvious treasures here to observe and undiscovered joys that will likely find us.  I think my expectation and my purpose here will work out as I go, but for now I will explore the surface and the shallows.  And, I suppose, at some point I shall have to get my feet wet.  Hmmm.  I think I just did.  

1 comment:

megan said...

oh Liss! beautiful you. can't wait for what is next...and next..