Thursday, February 28, 2008

Confessions of a Disappointed Mother

How, oh HOW, is Calvin's 5th birthday one week from today?  I had so many plans and ideas and I have done precisely NONE of them.  I did not want to throw him some crazy pirate-themed bash, with real cannons going off in the backyard or anything, but I SO did want to make it special for him.  I have always made a point of not wanting overkill on birthdays and for me, growing up, they were never huge events.  But how did I get here to birthday #5 and how did I not do one stinkin' thing to really make it special?  I was going to sew him a birthday crown.  I was going to applique a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner.  I MEANT to applique something really cool on one of his plain hooded sweatshirts, like the ones he always likes in the mini-boden catalog.  I meant to have meals organized, a preschool birthday snack planned and at least ONE game or activity planned for the few friends coming over next week for cake.  CAKE!  My only real plan for THAT is that Mike is making it!  One week.  I know VERY WELL that almost none of this will happen and that what does will be haphazard and last-minute.  SIGH.  I am really disappointed that my vision always seems to outdo my ability to get it done

I wonder how much caffeine it would take to keep me awake for a whole week?  I'm sure the banner would look GREAT after that!  "Mama.... why are the letters all wonky?   And the cake tastes BAD!  Is it made out of coffee grounds?"  

Yup, really disappointed.

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